Software system for measuring your current mental state

What is Mental-Checker?

Ideal for stress checks required for companies

  1. Automatic analysis of mental states is possible by only one-minute measurement
  2. Contactless measurement system
  3. Comparative analysis of the mental state change is possible by periodic measurements
  4. Possibility of predicting future medical conditions through joint research with medical institutions
  5. Wide application range from pre-shift checks of pilots or drivers to trouble prevention in companies, schools, etc.

Applied theory (Psychophysiology of movements)

Based on the direct correlation (dependence) between human emotional states and vibration parameters, after a long period of development, we succeeded in visualizing emotions through analysis, and applied it to a system that judges mental states. (Patented)

Mental-Checker’s results sheet

Examples of measurement results for the same person in different situations


After staying up all night

How to read measurement results

Examples of Mental-Checker experiments

Mental-Checker All-in-one model